Your firm (the “Client”) will receive an invoice for the services of our employee whose name appears on the reverse as EMPLOYEE (the “Assigned Employee”). Our invoices reflect billing for services rendered by and payroll already paid to the Assigned Employee. Our payment terms are “Net When Rendered”.

The Client is responsible for the direct and indirect supervision, direction and control of the Assigned Employee during the performance of any work or services under this Service Agreement. The Assigned Employee is an employee of Alternacare and shall not be deemed to be the employee of the Client. Alternacare warrants that it assumes total responsibility to deduct, remit and pay all applicable payroll related withholdings, taxes and levies.

The Client agrees to comply with all applicable laws, acts, ordinances and regulations whatsoever relating to worksite health and safety, and agrees to provide to the Assigned Employee a safe and healthful workplace. The Client agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Alternacare for claims, damages or penalties arising out of any violation of any law, act, ordinance or regulation whatsoever respecting workplaces owned, leased or supervised by the Client and to which the Assigned Employee is assigned.

A timesheet is presented to the Client for verification and signature at the end of each week. The Client’s signature thereon indicates acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement. Our compensation to the Assigned Employee is on a weekly basis, and the Client will be billed weekly for all hours worked by the Assigned Employee. Alternacare’s minimum charge is 3 hours per day.

Overtime Policy: Alternacare will pay for overtime hours worked by the Assigned Employee according to and at the rates prescribed by the appropriate provincial employment standards. The billing rate to the Client will be increased by the same factor as the pay rate to the Assigned Employee for overtime hours worked.

Statutory Holiday Pay: Alternacare will pay the Assigned Employee for Statutory Holidays according to and at the rates prescribed by the appropriate provincial employment standards.

Conversion Fee Policy: Alternacare’s employees represent our inventory of skilled professionals. Alternacare has incurred considerable expense to recruit, evaluate and retain the Assigned Employee. After the Client evaluates the performance and potential of the Assigned Employee, the Client may wish to hire directly the Assigned Employee. Subject to the provisions of legislation governing the jurisdiction of employment, in the event that at any time during, or within twelve (12) months from the termination date of the Assigned Employee’s assignment to the Client (or such lesser period as is required to comply with applicable employment standards legislation as it pertains to Conversion Fees), the Client, or any subsidiary, affiliated or related company or business of the Client, or any other employer to whom the Client refers the Assigned Employee, employs the Assigned Employee in any capacity whatsoever, the Client hereby agrees to pay all temporary placement fees to date plus a Finder’s fee (the ‘Conversion Fee’) equal to twenty percent (20%) of the starting annual salary of the Assigned Employee. Where the Assigned Employee has worked at least sixteen (16) consecutive weeks on assignment to the Client, the Conversion Fee may be discounted. In no event shall the Conversion Fee be less than two-thousand dollars ($2,000.00).

Choice of Law: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the province of Quebec and the courts of Montreal shall have sole jurisdiction with respect to any matters or disputes arising hereunder.

Language: The parties have requested that this agreement and any documents accessory thereto shall be drafted in the English language. Les parties ont égigé que la présente entente et tout document accessoire y afferent soient rédigiés en langue anglaise.